Submitter’s commission: (up to HUF 100,000) 10%, (above HUF 100,000) according to an individual agreement, we do not charge a handling fee!

We always make a LOT ACCEPTANCE LIST of the goods submitted for auction.
When describing the item, a clear description of the product should be given as accurately as possible, if possible, the relevant data in the catalog, the characteristics and possible defects of the offered item.
The submitter is responsible for the accuracy of the description prepared by the submitter and may incur any resulting costs!

By agreement, we can also perform the auctioning of the submitted products in the auction description.
Items for auction can be handed over in person at the place you request, you can send them to us by post, prior consultation is required!

Items will be paid for 21 days after the auction.
Minimum starting price: 100 HUF.

We undertake the appreciation of collections submitted for auction!
In special cases, we undertake to organize a separate auction.
Particularly large quantities, resp. in the case of high value administration, an individual agreement may be concluded.

Undo item:
We can only withdraw the items already announced at the auction in particularly justified cases, in which case Webaukció Kft may demand the payment of the outstanding commissions and costs!

ITEM RECEIPT LIST can be downloaded here

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