General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions


You can browse the website of Webaukció Kft online auction and webshop ( without registration. Bidding and purchasing is only possible after logging in to the site.
We are constantly organizing online auctions (stamps, numismatics, paper antiques….)
The prices announced at the auction are given in Hungarian forints (HUF).

We buy or take over items at auction, and on request we perform a valuation even in your home.

Submitter commission after successful sale: 10%, handling fee: None!

Customer commission: 15%

Anyone can bid on the website, but we reserve the right to exclude certain individuals from the auction without justification.

Company details:
Company name: Webaukció KFT
Managing director: Péter Czibula
Company registration number: 13-09-206517
The company’s statistical number is 27981700-4791-113-13
Tax number: 27981700-1-13
Community tax number: HU27981700
Bank: ERSTE Bank
Account number: 11600006-00000000-93896441
IBAN: HU47 116000060000000093896441
Phone: + 3630-213-3144

Our hosting provider:
Company name: Tárhelypark Kft.
Budapest, Gaál József út 24, 1122.

Available in the Login / Register menu.

You are free to choose your password, but for security reasons the password must reach the appropriate security level for it to be accepted by the system, you will be helped to do so when registering!
The registration is two-level, the second step of the registration is to enter the delivery and billing details, which you can do later at the customer portal. But for purchase, bidding requires full registration!

Available in the Login / Register menu.
When logging in, you must enter your username and password (you can also use your username or the given e-mail address to log in!).

Please note that we do our best to keep our website secure. If you enter your password incorrectly 4 times, it will be blocked automatically, which will be unlocked for the first time after 5 minutes, if it closes again, only we can unlock the login!

My Page menu
The My Tab menu is available to already registered and logged in customers. My tab is a unified platform where many online support channels will be available.

Parts of the home page menu:
Control panel:
My menu page.
You can view the items already paid here.
With your details: Shipping and Order addresses.
Account Information: where you can change your registration information and change your password here at any time.
Auctions where you can view your auction activity.
Check out: here you can cancel your login before leaving, recommended for security reasons!

You can also complete the purchase of web store items by continuing from this page.
Watched web store items are still available to other customers!

SHOP at auctions:
After each purchase, the customer commission is 15%.
We can offer several types of shopping on our website, which may not appear as the same option for all items!

Fixed price:
Here you can buy the goods immediately at a fixed price without bidding. You can pay from the product page by placing it in the “Cart” and then in the Checkout.

With the “Bid” button
Bidding with automatic bid increase. You must enter the recommended amount, where you can enter a higher amount, in which case the system will bid until a bidder reaches the threshold you specify.

With the “Direct bid” button you can select the amount of our bid in bidding steps.

All auction bids are valid only at the price increased by the valid bidding steps.

Up to HUF 1,000 HUF 50
Up to HUF 5,000 200 HUF
Up to HUF 10,000 500 HUF
Up to HUF 20,000 HUF 1,000
Up to HUF 50,000 HUF 2,000
Up to HUF 100,000 HUF 5,000
Up to HUF 200,000 HUF 10,000
Up to HUF 500,000 HUF 20,000
Up to HUF 1,000,000 HUF 50,000
Over HUF 1,000,000 HUF 100,000

After bidding, we always receive information about the accepted offer in a separate window, or an ERROR message if something needs to be corrected!

LIGHTNING PRICE – at auction
For some lots, it is also possible to buy immediately along with the normal auction bids by paying the “Lightning Price”.
Attention: this function is not possible for all items!

In a bidding auction, bidders can place bids that we are free to accept or reject.
There are no bidding steps in the bidding auction. You can bid as you wish.

We offer the possibility to cancel an incorrect bid, but the bidder can cancel the bid by e-mail no later than 24 hours before the end of the auction (only possible in writing)!
Please note that according to § 6:64 of the Civil Code *, the bidder’s bid is valid until the end of the auction!

The payment deadline is 10 days.
Multiple overdue payments may result in disqualification!
If the payment delay is expected in advance, please contact us in time!

It is possible to agree on the method of receipt either by e-mail at or by selecting at the checkout of the website at the time of payment, where you can also pay the delivery fee.
The postage is always borne by the buyer, we only deliver registered items, with a value register on request, the fee of which is determined according to the current postal service.
We can accept a complaint for 14 days after receiving the item.
The customer is not obliged to take over an item won at auction if the description of the item is misleading or the item is false.
We can only accept a complaint after a damaged item during delivery if this is the delivery post or proved by a report filed at a courier company!

Submitter commission: 10%, no handling fee!
We always make a LOT ACCEPTANCE LIST of the goods submitted for auction.
When describing the item, a clear description of the product should be given as accurately as possible, if possible, the relevant data in the catalog, the characteristics and possible defects of the offered item.
The submitter is responsible for the accuracy of the description prepared by the submitter and may incur any resulting costs!
By agreement, we can also perform the auctioning of the submitted products in the auction description.
Items for auction can be handed over in person at the place you request, you can send them to us by post, prior consultation is required!
Items will be paid for 21 days after the auction.
Minimum starting price: 100 HUF.
In special cases, we also undertake to organize a separate auction.

Particularly large quantities, resp. in the case of high value administration, an individual agreement may be concluded.

Withdrawal of lots submitted for auction
We can only withdraw the items already announced at the auction in particularly justified cases, in which case Webaukció Kft may demand the payment of the outstanding commissions and costs!

ITEM RECEIPT LIST can be downloaded here




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