Auction commission in addition to the knockdown price is 20%.

On our website we can offer several ways of bidding and buying, which may not appear as the same option for all items!


With the “Bid” button

You can bid by selecting the amounts that open in the bidding window (by bid step) if you want to bid more than the list, first select the highest value and then select from the following list. In the case of a higher bid, the system will automatically bid for your seat until a counter-bidder reaches the specified amount. Only you know the amount of your offer!


After bidding, we will always receive information about the accepted offer in a separate window, or an ERROR message if something needs to be corrected!

LIGHTNING PRICE – at auction

For some lots, in addition to the normal auction bid, immediate purchase is possible by paying the “Lightning Price”.


It is not possible to use the “lightning price” function for all items!



We offer the option to cancel an incorrect bid, but the bidder must initiate the cancellation of the bid by e-mail no later than 24 hours before the end of the auction (only possible in writing)!

Please note that according to § 6:64 * of the Civil Code, the bidder’s bid is valid until the end of the auction!


In the menu item My page / Auctions, you can start the payment from the list of your won bids, after sending it to the checkout, you select the method of delivery (the fee will be added to the invoice) and the method of payment.


We can start delivering the won items after the money is received!

The payment deadline is 10 days.

If the payment delay is expected in advance, please contact us in time!


The method of receipt can be agreed in advance at the e-mail address or by phone 0630-213-3144


We can accept a complaint for 14 days after receiving the item.

The customer is not obliged to take over the lot won at auction if the description of the lot is misleading or the lot is false.

Complaints after a damaged item can only be accepted if this is the delivery post or proved by a report filed at a courier company!

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